The Iowa Straw Poll

August 18, 2011

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This weekend I attended the Iowa Straw Poll. It was the first time I attended and didn’t have to “work” at the straw poll. Although I was tweeting for CAPE PAC and Soapboxers, so I guess I was working. But I didn’t have VIP Credentials like in previous years. It was also the first time my husband was able to attend with me. Four years ago he was in Iraq and missed out on all of the Straw Poll fun. He had no idea it was “such a big deal”.

Everyone was there, including Benjamin Franklin. He asked if I wanted a picture with him and I said, “Sure.” He put his arm around me and said, “Benjamin LIKES the ladies.” Which is why my face is half scared, half laugh.

Before the results were announced, a friend asked who I thought would win. I said, “Bachmann one, Paul two, Pawlenty three.” My friend responded, “Interesting.” And then the results came down. “Bachmann one, Paul two, Pawlenty three.” My husband turned to me, jaw wide open and said, “How did you do that?” I laughed. Ten years in politics and you learn to read the crowds.

But yes, while I was there I tweeted the following:

“I keep having to remind DH that the candidate in last place’s name was “Thad McCotter” not “Scooter McGee”.”

“Ron Paul folks have left Hilton. Place smells a little better.”

“Overheard at the #IAStrawPoll “Ron Paul has brownies!” But what is in those brownies?”

Was I a little to harsh on the Ron Paul supporters? Maybe. They’re passionate and that’s good. But now they’re upset that Paul isn’t getting the media attention “he deserves.” I’ll let you in on a secret Ron Paul supporters, he’s not going to get the nomination.

Now, don’t get mad at me. That’s just the way it is. Ron Paul is what I like to call the “Drunk Uncle” (or “Drunkle” as my brother says) that everyone has at Thanksgiving. You know what I mean. It’s the guy you’re forced to invite, you never know what he’s going to say and you don’t know how to react when he goes off on one of his tangents. But it’s true.

So there it is, Ron Paul supporters. You’re passionate, and that’s awesome. That IS what we need in politics. But Ron Paul is not the guy. He’s not going to get the nomination. And getting second place in the Iowa Straw Poll is great, but if Paul runs as an Independent, he’ll only split the votes and we’ll get four more years of Obama.

It’s time to face the facts. He’s not going to get the nomination. There are too many other good candidates in the race. Ron Paul isn’t one of them. As my dad always told me before a big swim meet, “Second Place is the first loser”.

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  1. kosmo
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 09:07:00

    Do you think RAND Paul is angling for a VP slot in 2012? The reason I ask is that his advertising pops up a lot on here. Probably more than any other politician. That seems a bit unusual for someone who isn’t facing an election until 2016, which makes me wondering if he’s trying to raise his profile by placing ads on a lot of sites.


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