Proof That Obama’s Birth Certificate Is Fake

June 11, 2012

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Note: This article originally ran on May 26, 2010

For several years, President Obama has been dodging the issue of his birth certificate.  His camp has repeatedly insisted that it is genuine and ridiculed those who dare to question the authenticity.  But is there more to the story?  Of course there is.  Here are the cold, hard facts that prove that the birth certificate is a fake.

  • The first step was to determine whether or not a genuine birth certificate existed in some other part of the world.  Taking a cue from his last name, we traveled to O’Bama’s ancestral country of Ireland.  In a dark records room in the city of Cork, we discovered a birth certificate insisting that O’Bama was born at a Cork hospital.
  • We performed a detailed scientific analysis on the certificate itself.  While the paper does indeed date back to 1961, the ink does not.  Noted forensic inkyologist Marsupial Jones suggests that the ink is no more than 5 years old.
  • Information from confidential government sources indicate that Lee Harvey Oswald was being handled by the CIA and was only following orders.
  • Why is the state of Hawaii joining in the cover-up?  Our sources within the state department indicate that key Democratic members of congress threatened harsh economic sanctions against Hawaii if they failed to comply.  Planes would have been forbidden to land in the state, cutting off the vital flow of tourists’ money.  The United States would also have ceased imports from Hawaii – notably sugar cane and Don Ho albums.
  • While Hawaii became a state in 1959, its citizens did not immediately become full citizens of the US.  Residents of any new states  are under a probationary citizenship during the first five years of statehood.  Only residents born after this five year waiting period are considered to be natural-born U.S. citizens (and thus eligible for the presidency).  Obama was born in 1961 – three years before the end of this waiting period.
  • Sites such as Fact Check have shown a photo of a birth announcement purportedly published in the Honolulu Advertiser on August 13, 1961.  However, this evidence does not stand up to close scrutiny.  Once again, Marsupial Jones indicates that the ink is relatively fresh.  Additionally, many of the news stories read more like the The Onion than a serious newspaper.  Look no further than the article about the Cubs-Cardinals baseball game on page 2B, which makes reference to the “reigning world champion Chicago Cubs”.
  • Take a copy of Obama’s book The Audacity of Hope.  Beginning at page 12 and going through page 297, write down the first letter of the first noun on the fourth sentence of the page.  You’ll be stunned at the secret message.


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  1. kcdad
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 08:13:45

    Some one actually tried to use your site as proof of the forged birth certificate…
    You almost had me with the O’Bama connection… I thought I had seen something twinkling in his eyes…


  2. kosmo
    Jun 08, 2010 @ 08:45:17

    Hilarious. The fact that I have Marsupial Jones as one of my experts didn’t tip them off to the joke? I’m also pretty sure that “inkyologist” isn’t a real job 🙂


  3. kosmo
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 20:58:10

    A note to the genius who sent me an email with the subject “rasist pig” –

    1) There’s only 1 “s” in racist. Spelling half the words in your email incorrectly makes you look, well, dumb.

    2) If you had taken a moment to actually read the article, you may have realized that I’m poking fun at the birthers – not supporting them.


  4. Jovarkah Casche
    May 16, 2011 @ 19:06:01

    Can’t believe we are still debating this guys citizenship. He is clearly hiding something. Watch the vids @ and see for yourself! You can’t deny there is SOMETHING strange about these documents.


    • kosmo
      May 16, 2011 @ 21:35:36

      “Can’t believe we are still debating this guys citizenship.” – Yeah, I can’t believe we’re still debating it either.


  5. aaron fleszar
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 15:55:54

    Osama Obama Biden Bin Laden
    One coincidence? Two coincidences?


    Scam artists (Al-Qaeda) have cornered the market on affiliate marketing education. Their sites use aliases, bogus whois info, and registrations in different states and countries. What are they hiding?

    Many get rich quick scams serve as product placement for new cutting edge internet technologies, and logos, some sold through Clickbank. The people appearing in testimonials are part of the expansion of this organization and are often pitching other high priced products and services. They all link to one another through their marketing strategies and ability to optimize in search rankings.

    Between the aliases the use, and the way in which they speak about things, everything they do has double meaning. Their faces in Google image search is similar to the picture book of symbols mentioned in The Da Vinci Code movie. Here is a code of look a likes pitching all sorts of stuff who are interconnected;

    Selling a program on making millions online is Professor James Bradley who looks like the Pentagon bomber Bill Ayers.

    Jay Conrad Levinson is behind a number of “guerilla” marketing and advertising books. He looks like George Soros, who’s last name is a (palin)drome. Soros has been credited for collapsing a number of nation’s currencies. George Soros has been quoted several times regarding his views on a New World Order.

    The Super Affiliate Handbook is sold by someone who looks like Jill Biden, her name is Rosalind Gardner. Some appear to represent people, more in how they pose, rather then a direct look alike. Stephen Pierce appears to represent radical Van Jones, Brett McFall-Austan Goolsbee, John Childers-Andy Stern, and Jay Abraham as Ayman al-Zawahri, just to name a few.

    Problem with your Google Adwords PPC ads and can’t get a straight answer? You could try Yanik Silver who looks a lot like Sergei Brin, but he probably won’t know. He sells 33 Days to Online Profits (prophets.) Why not try Perry Marshall, who looks like Obama’s priest Reverend Pfleger? He sells The Definitive Guide To Google Adwords, infringing upon Google’s trademark.

    Many more can be found at Lorrie Morgan Ferrero’s Red-Hot-Copy blog such as; 72 Virgin Records Richard Branson, & White House Party Crashers the Salahi’s with Valerie Jarrett’s daughter.

    The Rich Jerk sent out emails promoting Stompernet in Atlanta Georgia. The staff included Brad Fallon, an airline pilot, and Eben Pagan selling a seminar “Get Altitude”. 3 days after reporting this code to the FBI, Delta in Atlanta canceled a large number of flights due to “safety reasons.” In the Youtube videos related to the Rich Jerk, it appears that Mark Cuban is the Rich Jerk. He’s the billionaire who owns the Dallas Maverick’s basketball team. Think O’bomber or Barrac-uda Palin would play for him? Another guy seen on Youtube claiming to be Robert Johnson Rich Jerk, is Tony Rezko.

    Obama announced his run for office on Oprah Winfrey’s show. Have you ever noticed that Oprah’s friend Gayle King looks like Whitney Houston? Think that her name could be a code, Whit_ney White-Hous_ton House?

    It appears the internet marketing experts controlled the comments, the headlines, and the finance of the last election online with the highest ranking site in Google search, Youtube.

    In my strongest opinion this is the last piece of the puzzle, Osama Bin Laden is also a spokesperson, and a look-a-like. Osama represents Obama/Biden (Bi)n La(den.)

    Here are wanted terrorists and their online aliases. Some are wanted for U.S. embassy bombings in Kenya & Indonesia. Do these two places ring any bells?


  6. Squeaky
    Jun 14, 2012 @ 07:34:04

    I have to say Kosmo. I’ve never been a birther, but as more and more information is analyzed, I’m certainly curious. I have no background or formal training on the layering of PDF’s, but the video that Jovarkah posted is certainly provocative.

    Sheriff Arpaio has also done some interesting work that I’ve read about over the last couple of days. Factually, I have trouble ignoring all of this. I’m not sure it proves anything, but certainly leaves me with questions.

    I realize that this is pretty much a dead issue and won’t go anywhere, but the points that Arpaio’s group made do show some oddities. The social security number is certainly one of the most interesting.

    I’m not sure this will happen, but you’ll love this.


  7. kosmo
    Jun 15, 2012 @ 15:42:36

    You may want to read this “interesting” article about the Social Security number:

    The person with actual jurisdiction regarding authenticity of Hawaii birth certificates – the state’s secretary of state – seems to be completely assured that Obama’s birth certificate is legitimate. I have also not heard of any of his underlings suggesting that it isn’t.

    So, basically, we have lay people (lay in regards to knowledge of birth certificates) disagreeing with the experts. Somewhat like me walking into a museum and telling the curator that their Picasso is a fake.


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