Bombing at the Boston Marathon

April 15, 2013

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Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon

An hour after the first runners cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon, two bomb blasts rocked Boston.  At the moment, two people are reported dead and 22 are injured.  I’d expect the numbers to rise as the day goes on.

The timing of the bombing was no doubt well planned.  An hour after the first runners finish is a time when the number of runners crossing the finish line is going to be growing larger by the minute (very few runners can run a marathon is less than three hours).  A marathon is also a pretty soft target – it’s just hard to completely secure both sides of a 26 mile route.  It’s always been my fear that a major sports event would be targeted by terrorists, simply due to the large numbers of people that attend these events.

Let’s do all we can to assist those who suffered due to this tragedy, and give law enforcement assistance and support in apprehending the terrorists who perpetrated this act.

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