The American League won the All Star game, running their record to 12-0-1 over the last 13 All Star games. For the fourth year in a row, the margin of victory is just a single run. No AL player (or NL player, for that matter) has more than 1 hits, 1 run, or 1 RBI. The MVP is Carl Crawford, largely for his catch that robbed Brad Hawpe of a homer.

Here are my notes from the game.

  • Pregame: 30 “Community All Stars” were recognized for volunteer work in their communities. The community All Stars had a chance to mingle with the MLB All Stars on the field for a few minutes. Pretty cool.
  • 1st inning – Ugly defense by the NL. Wright throw pulls Pujols off the bag. Pujols makes an error later in the inning (although he may have been distracted by a base runner). Lincecum fails to cover first on a play. NL is lucky to get out of the inning with just two runs scored.
  • 2nd inning: Obama drops by the broadcast booth. In general, I hate it when interviews occurs during the game action. In this case, I’ll make an exception, as Obama’s presence leads to three runs for the NL. Sadly, Obama can’t hang around the booth for the entire game. The Obama interview focused on sports, not politics.
  • 3rd inning – Ryan Franklin and his pet goatee take care of the AL 1-2-3. That goatee is quite impressive. Unfortunately, the NL goes quietly in the bottom of the bottom of the third.
  • 4th inning: Missed most of the 4th, as it was time to put my daughter to bed. While I was applying Orajel to her gums, she bit me rather viciously. Unfortunately, this is not particularly uncommon. She had a really strong bite. We have Orajel swabs – we’ll have to start using them. It turns out that I really didn’t miss much – a total of one hit in the inning.
  • 5th inning: Joe Mauer drives a pitch to left field to drive home Derek Jeter in the top of the inning. It would be nice if the Twins could sign local kid Mauer (Cretin-Durham grad) to a long term deal. Great player. Edwin Jackson shuts down the NL in the bottom of the inning.
  • 6th inning: Adam Jones puts a charge into a ball to right field, but Brad Hawpe settles under it to make the play. Josh Hamilton singles to right. With other deserving players on the bench, and with Hamilton off to a lackluster start this year, why is he still in the game in the sixth inning? A double play erases Hamilton and ends the inning. In the bottom, Adam Jones returns the favor by retiring Orlando Hudson on a fly to deep right. Albert Pujols ends his night 0-3 with an error – definitely not the show he wanted to put on for the home crowd.
  • 7th inning: Adrian “Super Mario” Gonzalez replaces Pujols at first base. Gonzalez was a former #1 overall draft pick, but was traded away by a couple of teams before emerging as a star in San Diego (in spite of the severe pitcher’s park that he plays in). Brad Hawpe drills the first pitch he sees, but is robbed of a homer by Carl Crawford at the wall in left. Miguel Tejada then chases Adam Jones to the deep in right before Papelbon strikes out Werth to end the inning.
  • 8th inning: Curtis Granderson triples off the wall with one out in the 8th. Victor Martinez is intentionally walked in order to set up a double play (by putting a catcher at first base) – and Adam Jones once again pops up in the spotlight. Maybe it’s just me, but he has been in the midst of some fun plays in the game. On cue, Jones hits a sacrifice fly that drives in Granderson to put the AL ahead. In the bottom, Adrian Gonzalez walks and Orlando Hudson singles, but Ryan Howard strikes out to strand them and second and third.
  • 9th inning: K-Rod comes into the game for the NL. After two quiet outs, Justin Morneau hits a ball to deep center, where Jayson Werth gets on his horse to chase it down. Mariano Rivera comes into the game to try to finish it for the AL. BJ Upton grounds out, Brad Hawpe strikes out, and Miggy Tejada ends the game on a pop out.