At 35, I’m not old by most measures, but life has moved swiftly at times, and I miss some things from the past.

IBM Presents “You Make The Call” – IBM’s 2 part commercials featured a question and answer about a specific baseball rule.  As a budding baseball fan at the time, I loved the commercials.  Then, sadly, they disappeared forever.

Cheers – For whatever reason, I can never seem to find this classic TV shown on TV, in spite of the fact that many contemporary shows are featured nearly 24/7.  Cheers spawned Frasier, but I was never nearly as much of a fan of Frasier … and how could I be, with the absence of Norm and Cliff?

Quality sports announcers – It seems that nearly every game is televised these days, which is great – except that the quality of broadcaster has gone down.  Part of this is just a numbers game that comes from having to dig deeper in the barrel to fill all the spots, and part of this is from the networks wanting to put former stars in the booth.  Former stars make good guest, but I don’t want them calling the game if they suck.

New Coke – Yeah, I’m one of the five people on planet earth who preferred New Coke to Coca Cola Classic.  Why?  I don’t know.  Coke ranks third among colas for me now (behind RC and Pepsi), although some of their speciality varieties (vanilla, in particular) are pretty good.

TV Dinners – You know what I mean.  Metal trays and bigger portions.  Today’s TV dinners are a far cry from those of decades ago.

Reasonably priced baseball cards – When I was a kid, you could get 3 packs for a dollar.  Now, you’re lucky to get a pack (with fewer cards) for $2.  It’s no longer reaslistic for kids to put together a complete set by buying packs (unless they have a good line of credit).

Smurfs – The show still cracks me up when I catch it on Boomerang.  Smurfing hilarious.

Cheap gas – Oh, for the days of gas at $1 per gallon.

OK, that’s the tip of the iceberg – I’m certainly missing a lot of things.  What do YOU miss from the past?