Michelle Wie Breaks Through at Ochoa Invitational

November 17, 2009

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It only took 65 official starts but a major breakthrough victory occurred on the LPGA tour this weekend. Michelle Wie, won the Lorena Ochoa Invitational in Guadalajara, Mexico

Wie has been one of the most talked about figures of all time in Women’s Professional golf. Heck she has been one of the most talked about sports figures regardless of any sport over the last 4-5 years.

She brings a lot to the table, young, spunky with her attitude, enormous power which is unusual for the women’s game, one overbearing parent in her dad Charlie, coached by the great David Leadbetter, and on and on and on.

She has played against the guys a few times in various events, and not shown up. She has played poorly in some events and even withdrawn under some scrutiny on one occasion when a high score would have prevented her in playing in some future LPGA events due to a weird scoring rule they have built in on that tour.

On the other hand as a very young player she had close but no cigar calls in all major golf tournaments. Showed flashes of brilliance at times and even was a major part of the United State Solheim Cup Victory this year at Rich Harvest Farms in the Chicago area.

Yes, Wie has secured millions of dollars of endorsement deals, has a army of fans even at this early age, good looks to go with her good game … the only thing missing was a victory. Until Sunday.

Wie beat an impressive filed, likely as strong as any major golf tourney. Kerr, Creamer, Pressel and Ochoa all finished in the top 6. Her normally average at best putting was good enough this week to take her to the place she has not been before. The victory podium

I think this could be the beginning of an impressive run. Wie appears to have been under a LOT of pressure, I believe by her immediate family, as well as herself to produce results. You could tell in her interview following her win that she was more relieved than happy. It seems the proverbial monkey is now off her back.

She has the talent, she has the following, she has game … now she just might have her head right. And if so, the rest of the LPGA better look out, as they might be in for a long ride .


Sports Medley

August 25, 2009

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An exciting week in sports this week. I am still resting up from my trip to the Solheim Cup, and I am sure you are all ready to read something other than another golf article, so I will just touch on some golf briefly and move on.


A real win for the LPGA this week with a win for the United States Team in the Solheim Cup. It might have well spelled a coming out party for Michelle Wie, who along with Paula Creamer were clearly the stars of the US team. Wie went an impressive 3-0-1 in her four matches played. It is too easy to forget she is still very young has it seems like she has already been playing forever.

Sergio Garcia sees another opportunity slip by as he extinguishes a late lead on Sunday in yet another tournament. And what is up with the rugged bearded look Sergio? Go back to the clean shaven Michelob Poster Boy look, it is much better for you and I am sure your many sponsors would agree with that assessment.


C.C. Sabathia became the majors first 15 game winner of 2009 as the Yankees continued to dominate over the Boston Red Sox. No love in Beantown right now as the Yanks have built an impressive lead and seem to be firing on all cylinders. The Yankees now have a huge 7 ½ game in the division … just a few months ago it seemed like this was totally out of the question for this year.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of Pete Rose’s lifetime ban from baseball. What I have always found fascinating about the Rose lifetime ban is that very few people are on the fence with an opinion. You either think Pete Rose should or should not be in the Hall of Fame. Even current Hall members are on different sides of the issue. There is no disputing however that the all time hit leader has some statistical support in many categories that warrant a spot in Cooperstown, only time will tell if the decision of Bart Giamatti is ever overturned.


Brett Favre is back …. again …. I think I would un-retire for a cool twenty five million dollars over two years. The Vikings have the running game, they have the defense, I am not sure they have the receivers. All the Vikings really need to do is to manage the game offensively. This could be a huge year for Adrian Peterson if he stays healthy.

Latest line from Vegas….over/under for number of times the new “JerryTron” 60 yard long High Definition Jumbo screen gets hit by punts at the new Dallas Cowboy stadium this year….14 ½.

And finally …

The crazy comment of the week:

Lou Holtz makes a bold post season prediction for the BCS Title game. “ I personally believe, if you ask me, ‘Who’s going to play in the national championship game?’ I’d say it’s going to be Florida and the University of Notre Dame. They return 11 starters on offense. They return all three running backs, the two best wide receivers, they have a great defense coming back.”

And to think …. ESPN pays this guy …. wow.

Until next week … Good Luck with your last minute Fantasy Football drafts!