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This photo is one of my all time favorites. I had just moved back to Iowa a couple of months earlier, and I had the day off from work. It was a beautiful day in March, and I jumped into my ’99 Taurus and hit the road. I drove north to Guttenberg and headed down the Great River Road – a road that hugs the mighty Mississippi River.

It was a leisurely drive, and I stopped in several towns along the way to admire the view, enjoying a burger and fries at a Dairy Queen along the way.

Eventually, I reached my turnaround point – Bellevue. I stopped at Bellevue State Park (Nelson Unit) to walk around before driving back home. The park has nice view of the river, as you can see from this photo. You can still see some bits of snow and ice on the river. I really liked this scene, and was ready to take some photos. At that point, I noticed the train. It was in the distance, and it was stopped. I waited a half hour for the train to finally start moving. The end result was this photo – the train snaking through town, against the river backdrop.

Good things come to those who wait.