The events that occurred in Aurora, Colorado, are still being unraveled. All that we know for certain is that a single man entered a theater showing the latest Batman movie, activated a tear gas canninster and proceeded to discharge firearms with the intent to kill. He killed and maimed many as they tried to escape. We also know that he booby trapped his apartment to kill and maim anyone who tried to enter.

Plenty of questions can and have been asked. Where and how did he get the guns and ammunition? How did he get police issue tear gas and a bullet proof vest? How did he get into the theater through an emergency exit? Of course the most important question is: why?

Over the weekend almost every news show had something on about the tragedy. After interviewing as many survivors who were willing to be on air, the line of politicians was brought out. I appreciate the respect that was shown to the survivors and the relatives of the victims. I wish I could comfort each of them. I hope that each of the injured recovers and that the victims relatives and the other survivors can recover as well.

I am disappointed that so many politicians see this as an opportunity to extend their personal agenda. Some came out wanting to drive more gun control. Others came forth with more obscure suggestions. The benefit of these discussions is that the police are being given a chance to properly and completely investigate this crime. I have great faith that when give a chance the police can complete their job.